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2010 First Dental Visit

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I had my teeth cleaned last Saturday at Clinica Dental Manila  and had my last molar on the right restored by composite filling. The check-up and procedure were both covered by our health card but I need to add a few hundreds for the base  filling since the damaged part was quite deep already. The molar restored had an old filing which was removed and replaced by new filling because it was the only tooth that ached after my last visit. Dra. Gina (yay, I forgot her surname :D), who was the same dentist attended to me last June 2009, told me that she only tried to restore the molar. But if the molar aches again, I might need to have a  panoramic x-ray to make sure that it is not the missing wisdom tooth causing the pain. Once confirmed, I might undergo a root canal procedure. This means that the molar can no longer be saved.

While my molar was being filled, my daughter peeked on the dentist’s room then hysterically cried while calling me. She thought that the dentist was hurting me. My husband immediately carried her away from the door and gave her some kiddie books available on the clinic. When I went out of the dentist’s office, she was beaming to see me and asked me “Tapos na?”.  And I answered her, “Yes, anak. Tapos na po”.  She hugged me and kissed me as if we didn’t see each other for long time.  I requested the dentist if her teeth already needs a cleaning and the dentist told me that her teeth were still good.

I will  have another appointment with her for the composite filling of another molar.  I am taking advantage of  dental coverage of our health card before it expired on June. I am still eligible for one more surface filling and I intend to avail it before our health card is renewed.

7 thoughts on “2010 First Dental Visit

  1. Hi Mylene! Your dentist’s name is Dr. Gina Tanquilut. We didn’t realize that people blog about our clinic until now. We were checking if our location is easy to find on the net. Thank you for choosing our clinic and for your feedback. We have noted your comments. Patients like you inspire us to maintain, even improve, the quality of our dental care services.

    1. Just sharing my experience with your clinic. I actually blogged about your clinic twice 🙂
      Planning to have another appointment before the year ends. I need another cleaning.

  2. Hi Mylene. mabuti may benefits kang ganyan sa company niyo. We used to have dental allowance sa dati kong job kaso ang bigat ng kamay ng dentist. Maganda you start Ska na bumisita sa dentist ng bata pa siya para masanay. ang mga anak ko medyo late na eh. pero ngayon sila na ang nagyayaya na pumunta sa dentist, problem is wala sa budget. lam mo naman.

    1. yung ang masakit mommy! Nde po ito paid post hahaha…

      Thanks for the award. I hope I can find time to post it 😉

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