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Clinica Dental Manila – A Child-Friendly Clinic

  • Sumo

I shared with you that I went to Clinica Dental Manila – Walter Mart Muñnoz branch – last Saturday. That was not my first visit actually. I’ve been there several times. The first one was during my first dental checkup with them last year then I came back twice early this year for an appointment. I had an earlier dental appointment but I canceled it because of work. Then last last Saturday, I made another appointment. The dentist who attended to me is only available on a Saturday so I set my appointment the following Saturday and that was last Saturday.

Clinica Dental Manila is not the first dental clinic I’ve visited but so far, this is the first dental clinic which my first visit was not also the last :D. First because I had a good experience with the dentist who cleaned and performed a composite filling on my teeth. Second, their clinic is very accessible to public transpo and third, the clinic is child-friendly. It has a small area for kids where Winnie the Pooh table and chairs are set up. The clinic has books for children so the kids will not get bored while waiting for their turn. The clinic has also a wall-mounted TV which shows movies for kids. Last Saturday, the movie that was being played was Cloudy with A Chance of Meatballs. My daughter’s attention was caught by the movie, hence I didn’t a hard time dealing with her while waiting for my turn. I believed if the ambiance of all dental clinics is like with Clinica Dental Manila, children will be not be afraid to visit a dentist. Do you also have a good dental visit experience?

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  1. may i know where exactly in san andres & if you have telephone no. please? there is no contact infos in the net. thanks

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