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Increasing Number of Unemployed Medical-Related Graduates

  • Sumo

Just recently, I heard over the news that graduating high school students who were planning to take up a Nursing degree were advised to think several times as the number of unemployed registered Nurses keeps on rising. I can attest to the truthfulness of this statement for even I have friends who are on the same boat. Some even entered to non-medical related jobs just to start earning their living. I am wondering if the government is doing something to least lessen these unemployed medical-related graduates. Or they are just also waiting for other countries to open opportunities on this field where they can throw these nurses and medical-related graduates.

Sometimes, I pity these graduates, because I know that the courses they have chosen are courses which are really expensive. Aside from the tuition fees, medical-related courses are accompanied with many laboratory fees. Besides the expenses, these courses also entail rigid internships for the students. In the end, after investing so much money and effort in these kind of degrees, the graduates will just end up either jobless or doing things not related to their field. I think it would be somewhat helpful for them if we have local health care job listings here in Philippines where all employers can post their needs for medical staff and the medical-related graduates can search for their desired position.


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  1. oh yes. The increasing number of unemployed medical related graduates especially nursing is very alarming. It is good that they advice students entering college who want to take up nursing to think twice. My sister is actually one of those nursing graduate who are currently unemployed after spending thousands in school.

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