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Oldie But Still Good

  • Sumo

After using my laptop for weeks (or months?) and going back to my desktop, I realized that my desktop is at too slow compare to my laptop. The difference is obviously seen when loading an application. It takes time to load the application . I can’t also load multiple applications at the same time. Otherwise, my machine will really crawl.

My desktop is around three years of age, almost the same age with my daughter. Since then, I made no major upgrade. The CPU is intact with its original parts except for the power supply which I replaced twice. I haven’t upgraded the memory which is just 2GB. I am still using the original HDD with only 150GB capacity. Its Intel Core II processor still works. And even its defective optical drives were still inside. I can’t still find a budget for the replacements for now.

My machine can be considered obsolete now for many new high specification machines came out since I bought it. But I don’t think its near retirement. Not yet, at least for the next couple of years. I hope. I still need it for my full time work.


3 thoughts on “Oldie But Still Good

  1. If I were you,don’t fix it if ain’t broke. Computer before are more reliable than computer nowadays, yeah, with all this “high specs” but the life span is too short now, computer of all types expected to work for at least 3 years, close to or after that, expect more problems and fixing it will cost you more than buying a new one.

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