Thankful Thursday #9 – Healing For Love Ones and My Pastor’s Life

  • Sumo

Last two weeks, my father and my daughter were both physically stricken. My father’s diarrhea seemed incurable. He suffered more than two weeks of LBM. The medicines, both herbal and non-herbal, seemed too ineffective to heal his LBM. Alas! His diarrhea get tired of him and finally left him. I thank God because his healing means a relief for me. It is difficult to give a solution to a problem which is totally a stranger to me. My father didn’t want to see a doctor for his diarrhea and I was afraid that he might get dehydrated. But the Lord is still good to him and to me. He still cares for my father how stubborn he maybe.

My daughter had been in bed for more than a week. She was absent from school for six days. She had pneumonia but thanks be unto God because she didn’t had any complications. I thank God because He allowed her pneumonia to be healed through the prescribed antibiotic. I thank God for His provision for my daughter and father’s medical expenses.

Most of all, I thank God because He added another year to my pastor’s life. We celebrated our pastor’s 72nd birthday two Sundays ago, August 8. I thank God for the joy that He had given my pastor in the ministry. I thank God because He led me to a church where the pastor has a big heart for the ministry and for mission works. And I thank God for my pastor’s life who continually serving the Lord despite all his physical infirmities caused by old age.

God is truly great and worthy of all the praises and thanksgivings. To God Be The Glory!

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