It’s Finally Over

  • Sumo

Yes, it is finally over. I’m talking about my daughter’s first periodical exam. Today is the last day of her exam. Now, we can both relax. We will just need to wait for the result. I already allowed her to watch television. She has no class tomorrow anyway and she can almost done memorizing her memory verse for this week. I think she also deserves a little break.

She had a total television blocked-out since last week because she needs to cope up for the lessons she missed during her absences. Furthermore, we also need to review her pass lessons especially her writing skills. This is the area where she really needs to improve. I printed tracing materials from the internet and had her do it. I asked her to repeat tracing until she traced the objects accurately. I noticed that she can’t still fully control her pencil. I confident she improve her writing skills through consistent practice. It was also very timely that I bought her new exercise books for Math and English. Some of the exercises in the books are the lessons we need to review.

Lastly, my husband and I prayed for her and her exams. We both believe that wisdom and understanding come from the Lord. The efforts we exerted in our review sessions will be put to waste without God’s guidance.

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