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Battle With Bottles

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It has been a long time battle with my daughter weaning her off her bottle. Unlike with her potty training which she immediately embraced, leaving her bottles behind is just too much for her. She is more than three years of age and whether she likes it or not, she needs to give up her bottles soon.

I want her to stop drinking milk from her bottles but I not from drinking milk. I want her to continuously drinks her milk until she’s grown up because milk is important for the body. My dilemma is if I take away the bottles forcefully, she might also stop drinking milk. This is the usual experience of the other mommies I’ve asked. So what I’m praying is that she’ll voluntarily give up her bottles. I also grab every opportunity which I can use to persuade her leave the bottles and use cups or mugs instead. When we went to Daiso, a Japanese store, one time, she eyed a fancy mug. She asked me to buy it for her. I told her that I can buy the mug but she should use the mug for her milk instead of the bottle. She agreed. But she immediately returned to her bottles after two tries. Needless to say, the first attempt was a failure.

Couple of days ago, I started another attempt. My husband and I were planning to switch her milk to another brand. But we need to know if she will like the prospective brand, so we only bought a sampler size. When she saw that I was getting another milk, she told me that she wanted it. So I told her, “Okay we will buy this, but you have to throw away your bottles and drink this milk from your mug.” She agreed again. That night, my husband and I asked her to throw her bottles. We handed to him a clean but used plastic bag and her bottles. We let her be the one to put the bottles in the plastic bag ๐Ÿ™‚ Then, I tied the plastic bag and let her saw that I put it in the waste bin. That night, she also drank her milk from the mug.

The next day, she was looking for her bottles. I reminded her that she threw them the night before. She checked the waste bin and found it clean. Hubby woke up earlier and cleaned the mess ๐Ÿ˜€ She’s drinking her milk from her mug for two days now. The frequency of her milk intake decrease but she is compensating it with eating solid foods. I do not also allow her to go bed without drinking her milk. If she don’t want to drink it directly from the mug, I just spoon it for her. It is too early to say that we win the battle this time but too early too to say it is another failure.

Do you have the same battle? How did you win the battle? Let your victory be heard.


14 thoughts on “Battle With Bottles

  1. I agree with you. Battle with bottles is a long time battle. My son learns to drink milk in a glass when he was 4. Before,I keep on reminding him to imitate the children at TV commercials who drink milk in a glass. Kids are good in imitating others’ action. And it worked!

  2. sana anak ko umayaw na din mismo. Kaka 3 lang nya this August, ti nry ko once painumin sa baso ayaw talaga, nung nilipat ko ulit sa bottle saka lang nya ininom. Hayst!

  3. kaka 3 lang din ng anak ko sabi ko din sa kanya pag nag 3 ka na wala ng milk sa bottle ha! Pinainom ko sa glass, ayaw pa din. Sana nga sya na din mismo umayaw!

  4. yay mahirap tlga mag wean from the bottles.. my yena also has a love affair with her bottles but slowly i am trying to give her her milk on a glass..

    i hope soon maging success ang iyong pag wean girl ๐Ÿ™‚ it will take time daw pero the time will come ๐Ÿ™‚

    thanks for dropping by my blog!

  5. I have a similar problem with my son. He’s already turned four last July, but he still drinks from his bottle usually during his afternoon nap. He drinks from his mug, too, but when he wants to sleep, he prefers the bottle over the mug. I’ve already disposed some of his old bottles, leaving him with only a few. I should get rid of all his bottles na rin. LOL!

  6. My son is more than 4 years old yet he still prefer to drink milk in his bottle. He has a normal diet. Eats lunch, dinner and a few snacks in between but he still prefers to drink in his bottle. We managed to take him away from his bottle when he was 3 but after that he lost his appetite to eat and doesn’t want to eat his milk either. He got thinner and we became worried so we just gave in to what he likes. He became disgusted when he tried to drink his milk in the bottle again but after awhile his appetite for milk and eating normal food.

    I dunno when we’ll try to coach him not drink milk in the bottle again but for now – we’ll let him decide hehe! So I guess it’s still not a victory for us.

    1. Yun nga daw kadalasan nangyayari pag pinapatigil magbote ๐Ÿ™ nangangayat kasi pati ung appetite sa food nawawala. By God’s grace, maayos pa naman ang appetite ng anak ko up to the moment.

  7. My boys get rid of their bottle on their own, fortunately a few months after they turned two. It was the time when they started hate the dirt. what happen to Patrick was, he asked for milk but we can’t find his bottle, after an hour looking for it, we saw it under the couch with rotten milk inside and it look so yucky to him,I told him it’s very dirty now and he can’t use it anymore,(he only had two bottles that time and both are missing,lol!), I let him throw it in a trash and yes,few times he asked for it, I have to remind him how dirty it was,that he alreayd throw it away.

  8. may mga anak na ganyan Mommy, different experiences with different children, pero totoo yan, we need to give them milk in a glass after weaning them. Blessings!

  9. My kiddos stop as early as 1 year, ayaw na nila but I still let them drink milk in a glass.

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