Daughter’s Earrings

  • Sumo

When my daughter lost the pair of her earrings in school she has no earrings for weeks. But when we checked hole, it was almost closed and it was already hard to insert the remaining earring. My husband and I decided to just return her old silver earrings temporarily even though they were already fading. This is just to prevent the hole from closing.

It took me sometime to buy a replacement for her gold earring because I am afraid that I might buy the fake one which easily discolored. For someone with no knowledge about jewelries and stones like me, I couldn’t differentiate real jewelries from fancies. For me as long, as it is pleasant in the eyes, it is good enough. But for women who are particular with jewelries, they can easily distinguish even a Cubic Zirconia jewelry from Diamond although their visual likeness is almost similar. In order for me to find a replacement, I needed someone who can determine if I’m buying a real one. It was her Ninang Myra who helped me bought a replacement. Until now, the earrings are still shiny and my daughter’s ears didn’t swell when she started wearing them. So the saleslady was honest when she told us that the earrings would not fade and they are hypoallergenic.

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