Baby’s Facial Rashes

When my daughter was less than a month old, I noticed some rashes on her face. I even asked her pediatrician, Dra. Valdez, if they need to be treated. But Dra. Valdez told me that they are normal and don’t need to be treated. They will be gone eventually.  Now, my daughter is more than two months old, those “pimples”…

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Baby Matters

Well-Baby Checkup On The First Month

Jyma Ezriela, my second daughter, is now one month old. Hubby and I brought her to the pediatrician this morning for her regular well-baby checkup. Instead of bringing her to the previous pediatrician, we brought to the Dr. Amelia Pondoc – Valdez, the pediatrician to whom we bring my eldest for immunization and checkup. We think it is more practical…

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