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Well-Baby Checkup On The First Month

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Jyma Ezriela, my second daughter, is now one month old. Hubby and I brought her to the pediatrician this morning for her regular well-baby checkup. Instead of bringing her to the previous pediatrician, we brought to the Dr. Amelia Pondoc – Valdez, the pediatrician to whom we bring my eldest for immunization and checkup. We think it is more practical to just have one pediatrician for the two girls.

I took the opportunity to ask Dr. Valdez regarding my concerns about the baby. My first question was about the rashes on the face and ears of the baby. I am bothered with the rashes because I could not recall if my eldest have them when she was on the same age. I thought it could be caused by the soap she is using but my eldest used the same soap when she was at the same age. This soap recommended by my friend due to its mildness and was also prescribed by eldest daughter’s pediatrician in Manila.  Dra. Valdez told us that the “pimples” are normal and will eventually disappear on their own. And when she knew that the baby’s soap is OILATUM, she gave us a small bar.

I also asked Dr. Valdez about the redness on my daughter’s neck. She told me that this is caused by heat but the condition is not alarming. The neck should always be kept dried to minimize the redness. She also prescribed Desitin ointment which should be applied every after bath. Unfortunately, we could not find it in any drugstore we inquired this morning.

I was also bothered about my daughter’s breathing and frequent hiccups. I even thought that the baby caught her Ate’s cold because I noticed some nasal secretion. But Dra. Valdez assured us that the secretion and the breathing are normal. The reason why the baby breathes that way is because of the secretion which should be suctioned. For the hiccup, a small amount of water could take it away.

I am relieved that the baby is all well. Honestly, it seems that I am starting all over again when it comes to baby-caring. I could no longer remember how I did it with my eldest during her first few months. It has been more than four years ago when I last cared and nursed a baby.

Lastly, to celebrate her month of life, we bought a small cake 🙂 Before we eat the cake, we thanked the Lord for the one month He has given to our precious little one. We also thanked God for keeping the baby healthy.

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4 thoughts on “Well-Baby Checkup On The First Month

  1. Your story brings me back to when my children were still babes. I had the same dilemma of being a first-time mom. I still wanted to have another baby actually, though it’s impossible since I’m single hahah, immaculate conception maybe? lols. I’m sure it would be like just before I had kids since my children are now grown and if I’m ever going to have a baby again, I may have forgotten how it used to be 🙂


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