Moving Up & Recognition Ceremonies

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Last week seems to be the week of Moving Up and Recognition Ceremonies of most schools here in the Philippines. Facebook was flooded with the photos of the graduates and awardees. And I was enticed to join the trend, I also post my daughter’s pre-school graduation pictures.

My daughter is just one of the thousands graduates of the school year 2011-2012. Her graduation and recognition ceremony was combined and was held at Coralandia Resort and Restaurant at Tagbilaran City, Bohol. For me, the event was an informal  one (or was it lack of detailed preparation) but nonetheless, I had fun!

It was not my first time to attend a graduation ceremony. As a matter of fact, I’ve experienced to be part of the actual ceremony for three times, during Elementary, High School and College graduation rites. And all of them seem to be stressful, from lining-up, marching on, going-up to stage, receiving the certificate and shaking hands with the significant people on stage. Every move should be according to the given instructions. I could not remember if I enjoyed any of them.

I am happy that my daughter’s graduation was not like any of the graduation I experienced, at least not yet. The graduates seem to be unaffected of what was happening. They just play around before the program started. They talked endlessly about the things only they could comprehend. They were not excited (as their parents are) for the certificates, awards or trophies they were about to receive. For them, the event is just another day to be with their classmates and school friends the only difference is the presence of their parents and some guests. It was nice to look at their innocence and remember it because someday, their graduation will not be the same as their pre-school graduation.

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