Thanksgiving Contest Update

  • Sumo

2010 is fast approaching! Four more days and 2009 is already a history. Hmm… this means that you only have four more days to join the Thanksgiving Contest hosted by none other than ME ๐Ÿ˜€

For those who haven’t joined yet, you still have four more days to join. For those who have submitted their entries, I will either post your entry numbers for the draw on January 7 or I will just type in your names multiple times based on the number of your qualified entries. Each prize will be drawn separately. Thus, I will have three draws for the three winners. Winners will be posted here and will also be notified via email. A participant can only win one prize. If so happen that the name of a participant is drawn more than one, he/she will get the higher prize and I will draw another winner for the lower prize.

See you on January 7 for the announcement of winners! I hope that you enjoined participating on this contest. Have a blessed 2010 year everyone ๐Ÿ™‚ Be safe!


4 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Contest Update

  1. yay! I hope I will win. we’ll be needing more funds now more than ever. yup, mommy. ngayon palang pagud na ko, iniisip ko pa lang ung process ng paglipat. hehe.

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