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The Fake 500 Was Refunded

  • Sumo

Last Thursday morning (oopps, super late post ;)), DH and I went to the bank where DH withdrew the fake 500 bill to submit our complaint letter. One of the personnel received the letter and read it. Then she asked us if we could come back after lunch as they would still review the complaint. But there were people waiting for DH at home, I told her that we couldn’t.  “I’ll just get the Manager’s name and her name“, I added. My officemate told me that I can follow-up through their hotline. I just need the name of the manager and the personnel who assisted us.  She asked us to wait for a while then after less than 5 minutes she returned. She handed us the replacement for the fake 500 peso bill. She apologized for the incident. She assured us that they carefully checked the bills before they reload it to the ATMs but with an excuse that they were just humans who still make mistake.  I understand that humans commit mistakes however expert they may be. What is unacceptable was the way they handled the incident and their immediate denial of their fault without investigating issue first.

They let us sign the complaint letter that we received the replacement. We also asked her to sign our copy that they replaced the bill. In less than 20 minutes we were off the bank.

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16 thoughts on “The Fake 500 Was Refunded

  1. It is true that we are humans that make mistakes, but for a bank to mistakenly load a fake bill in an atm machine? that is questionable. They have all the devices to detect fakes bakit nakalusot? just a thought.. thanks for sharing…

  2. I know that theya re just human that commits mistake, but for an establishment like them, they should be very strict especially the money they are loading in their ATM machines. This is one of the questions I have in my mind, what if I cannot determine what is real and fake coming out of their booth, will tehy still accept my complaint?

  3. I agree, it’s really scary, Ako pa naman super confident na pag sa atm galing ang money, it’s all real and not fake. Glad they refunded it asap and good thing too na one bill lang yung fake.

  4. Well, I’m glad you were able to refund it sis. Gawd these days, it’s so hard to determine something if it’s original or not 🙁

  5. Good thing that everything is resolved by now. I can relate to filing a complaint to the bank and was told to come back the next day. It took me 4 days to get my money back. My case was the ATM didn’t dispense my money, but it has deducted the amount from my account. I’m visiting from Commex. =)

  6. This is a real scary incident. It personally scares me because I depend on the ATM machine to get my monthly salary. It’s a good thing the bank refunded the fake bill!

  7. gosh! it is scary that even in the atm we could get a fake money.. we should be careful and double check everything before we left the bank

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