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thunderbird-128-onblackSince I started to work, I never used any other email client aside from Microsoft Outlook. Microsoft Outlook is good except that sometimes it crushes but still, it serves its purpose, and that is to retrieve my emails from our email servers. But of course, when it is from Microsoft, it is very seldom that it is free :D. And the license of MS Office package is quite expensive. I am just blessed that our company allowed me to use its license for my personal computer at home. But ever since I used Outlook, I haven’t tried using it to retrieve my emails from other different email providers like Google and Yahoo. I have to open a new browser and log-on to my account to access my emails. This task becomes tedious if you are maintaining more than one email accounts. And this concern is addressed by Thunderbird.

Thunderbird is an open-source email client developed by Mozilla. Thunderbird is absolute free! Although, donation are be very much appreciated to support its continuous development. I discovered this amazing tool only late last week. And I am really impressed! The installation and configuration is very easy. As in no sweat! You don’t need to be an expert to install it and configure your email addresses. After setting-up my email addresses, I was able to retrieve my mails from different accounts in just one click of Get Mails button. And just like Outlook, Thunderbird also allowed me to setup rules so that as soon as a mail arrives in my Inbox, it will be moved to designated folders. That way, I can easily view the most important emails and put into hold the less important ones. There are more features offered by Thunderbird. But for now, the two features I started using is more than enough for me. Those two really help me save time.

By the way, this is not a paid post 🙂 I simply want to share this tool because I find it very beneficial to me and Thunderbird may also help you if we have the same concerns with email handling. If you want to try it, you may download it here for free or if you want to check some of its features, check its Features pages. You don’t also need a very high-tech machine to use this application, because Thunderbird does not consume much resources like CPU and memory usage.

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