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Blog hopping is one of the responsibilities included when a person entered the world of blogging. It is an activity in which a blogger visits the sites of other people (especially those who are in their blog roll), reading their posts and leaving a valuable comment. This isn’t actually an easy task based on my experience. Aside from the time I allot in jumping from one blog to another and reading their posts, the most difficult part is to leave a worthy comment especially if I can’t relate to the post they made. So there are times that though I visited a blog, I don’t leave any footprints . Forgive me. But I find it more unfair to pretend that I can relate but in fact I can’t. Realizing this fact, I am planning to give honor to my monthly top commenter by giving her/his a reward.

This is not a contest but simply my way of saying thank you for the effort and time spent by the commenter to visit my blog and shared his/her idea.GIVE MEH SMILES The badge of the top commenter of the month will be place on my advertisement section. For the entire month, his/her button will occupy my 125×125 slot.

But this is the problem. Since I plan to do it on a monthly basis, I need to reset the count of the comments every month. The thing is, I don’t know how to do itSO YOU DID KILL MAH CAT. I’ve been searching for the tweak this afternoon but can’t find it. If someone knows how to do it, please share it with me and I will greatly appreciate it.

Since Mommy Chris of The Mommy Journey and Inspirational Insights is the current top commenter, one of her badge is now posted on the section. Her badge will run until the end of September. The next top commenter will be rewarded on the first day of October. Hopefully by that time, I already figure out how to reset the count of the comments.

Mommy Chris is one of the first bloggers who added my links on her list. Because of my memory gap, I can’t remember how I landed to her site. But since then, I isit her site often because I find her posts informative and inspiring.

Mommy Chris, I really appreciate your effort and your time for frequently visiting my site. Though we haven’t since each other yet, I consider you as one of my dearest friends in blogosphere.


2 thoughts on “Top Commenter Reward

  1. wow! thanks so much for this reward! i truly enjoy my visits to your site… ๐Ÿ™‚

    i appreciate it that you consider me as your online friend… hopefully, we can meet someday! ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. Wow this is very nice idea mommy. maybe you can just start next month.. grabbed your badge!

    I love receiving comments by the way hehehe..

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