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Happy Mother’s Day to my Mom and to all the mothers in the world. I writing my entry for Sunday on my other blog, when this idea comes to my mind. This is a bible quiz about the mothers in the Bible. This quiz is open to anyone especially to moms.

The instruction is simple. Identify the moms being described in each number. You may check your answer here.

1. She is the mother of all living.
2. She committed adultery with a king but her son became the next king of Israel. Her son was known for wisdom.
3. She was the mother of many nations.
4. She was first account in the bible who gave birth to a twin, but her favor is in the youngest.
5. She prayed for a child and offered this child again to God after weaning.
6. She was a moabitess, but became the great grand mother of the great king of Israel.
7. She was turned to pillar of salt.
8. She was the mother Paul spiritual son who also became a missionary.
9. Because of her kindness to a prophet, she was rewarded with a baby son who died but was also revived by the prophet.
10. This woman’s husband died in Moab and also her two sons.
11. Blessed among women.
12. The mother of the one crying in the wilderness.
13. She was just a second wife. Her son was sold to a merchant bound for Egypt.
14. She was a handmaid of a princess who was given to her mistress’s husband to bear a child.
15. She has an eye problem. She was the first wife but loved less than the second.

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  1. Hello Mommy! Sorry delayed ang greetings ko sa iyo. Happy Mother’s Day to you!!

    Anyway, I have posts from PPP but my mainstream company is PU2B. They pay $5 for 60words tapos freeform pa sya. 🙂

    Ano hinde na approve? blog or post?

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