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Facebook is not just a social community but also a game hub. More and more game makers are integrating their application in Facebook. Playfish is one of them.

One of the most played games in Facebook developed by Playfish is Word Challenge. This is a good game because it can be finished for only few minutes. The game is very similar with Text Twist, if you are familiar with this game. The only difference is that you get a rank every after game based on the score you get and your score is compared to your other friend’s score. For more review and tip for this game, you can click here

Anyways, I do play this game once in a while, specially if I need to release some stress and I only have few minutes. I get curious on the different ranks so I do some research what are the equivalent ranks for the scores. This is what I found from their forum. Enjoy!


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  1. i want to give this a try sometime.

    btw, i added you to my bloglist. hope you can add me too. thanks!

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