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A Lame Dog

  • Sumo

Have you seen a lame dog??? As I mentioned on my previous post,  we went to Quezon City Parks and Wild Life  last Saturday and we saw these dogs outside the park. Yes, dogs. They are two. I think they are mother and child.  I asked my husband to inquire the owner how the dogs became lame. According to the owner, the disabilities of the dogs are inborn.

What amaze about the dogs is that they don’t seem disabled. They are very brave dogs. They bark to those who come near them. But though they want to run after these spectators, they simple couldn’t 🙁


They are just dogs but they don’t let their disabilities overcome them. As human being, created in God’s image, aren’t we suppose to be better than these dogs in facing our own weaknesses. Let these dogs be a reminder and encouragement to us 😉


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    1. Ah talaga? Hindi kasi ako nanood masyado ng TV dahil laging gamit ng anak ako ng TV watching her favorites videos

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