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A Lady Who Defies The Line

  • Sumo

Some commuters are simply undisciplined and rude. Just this morning, on my way to the office, I was about to ride on the fx in the terminal when the lady next to me on the line made her way to get inside the FX first than me and the person in front of me. She surpassed two people who came first in the line. Would you be glad if you were in my position? How would you react? Honestly, I controlled myself not to confront her and made her realize that there was a line. But if this happened when I was still on my idealistic age which I always demand for fairness, I would bluntly ask her to wait for her turn. She’s in hurry to get a good seat disregarding that she was actually stepping on the rights of those who get into the line first.

Aging and growing in my faith helped me to mellow. If before I always after justice and fairness, now, I accepted that life is unfair and somehow prepared myself to suffer injustice from time to time. I always hold on to my reactions because if I let the actions of the people around me affect me, I will end up a loser. But what people do which I think is not right, I tried my best not to do it. I don’t want to go with the flow if the current is heading to destruction.

When people do me harm or I find the situation unfair, I always look unto Jesus, who suffered the worst injustice, humiliation and pain but complained not. This reminds me that I am a follower of Christ and ought obey His word and ought to live a holy life. And this will I do by His grace.

3 thoughts on “A Lady Who Defies The Line

  1. That happens many times on me and I was silent. And I agree, we ought to live a life worthy for His glory.

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