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Back To Busy Mode

  • Sumo

Since last Thursday, I’ve been busy with my full time job. I cover for my officemate who was on vacation last Thursday and Friday. And just last Monday, a new project has started.

I am happy that my “research mode” has finally ended. Sometimes too much reading is also boring, isn’t? I am also thankful because God answered my prayer for a new project. This means that I still have a job and still have a source of income.

8 thoughts on “Back To Busy Mode

  1. gurl baliw k tlga!!! ahhahah akalain mong napagkamalang braso ung legs ko ahahh! adek!!! ahhaha kakatwa k nmn!!! aaggagaga nweis thnks for dropping by! =0 adik! heheheheh =)) busy busy han k pla nung mga nakaraaang mga araw ahahah =))

  2. by the way, di nagwo-work ang linkwithin code sa pen, paper, pan, bakit kaya? pero sa blogspot okay naman. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Congrats sis sa bagong project. busy ka na ulet. meron din kaming padating na project early next month daw, pero kailangan pang aralin ni hubby ang program para siya naman ang magturo sa akin. basically translation job ito. sana makaya ng prowess ko kasi di ko naman maisasantabi ang blogging, lam mo naman the joy my blogs give me esp. kapag may opps. ๐Ÿ˜€

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