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We have some visitors from Mindanao who arrived last Monday. They are here for a week to have a glimpse of Bohol.

Last Tuesday, they started their itinerary with dolphin watching, island hopping and snorkeling. I was not able to accompany them because I wanted to finish the tasks included on the current milestone I am working on so I could join them yesterday. Hubby, daughter and Rea, my former – house help – turned – friend who happens to lives here in Bohol, accompanied them.

Rea and Jyma

Our Visitors

My daughter’s back when they went home

And her face

Hubby and Rea’s complaint was my daughter didn’t want to leave the water. This is the reason behind of her color.

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17 thoughts on “Boating

  1. bohol is one of the place that i’ve been wanting to see, maybe someday! naku, wawa naman ang iyong princesa, nagkasunburn…visiting late from pink fridays and wishing you a blessed week! -PinayMum – Mommy’s Life Around…

  2. from Bohol ka pala, we went there last February really a good place to visit ..Anyway, its problem talaga every summer sunburn naku masakit yan, anyway visiting thru PF

  3. aww sunburned? sakit nyan but she still cute.. summer is there na pala while spring naman here 🙂

    Happy weekend sis

    here’s my PF entry
    Beauty Set

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