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Bojol Grill

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Husband learned about Bojol Grill when their class had a dinner there in celebration of his classmate’s birthday last month. Though we often notice the restaurant’s signage whenever we visit Tagbilaran, we never tried to eat there until hubby discovered that like Mang Inasal they also have unlimited rice meal  but cheaper in price.
 During our last visit in Tagbilaran which was a week ago, we decided to have our dinner at Bojol Grill. We were seven in all, me, husband,  my 2 two daughters and three church young people. When we entered the non-smoking dining area, we were welcomed by this fountain.

The Bojol Grill was spacious and was not crowded that time. There was a separate area smoking customers.

Each of us ordered an Inasal meal with unlimited rice. I added a bowl of Lomi which was good for 6 people but only cost Php 105. The Unlimited Rice Inasal meal only cost Php 68. All of us ordered an unlimited ice tea which was only Php 20 each.  Cheap prices right? But the taste of the Lomi and inasal is great! Bojol Grill Lomi is now a new favorite of mine.

Lomi @ Php 105
Unlimited Rice Inasal @ Php 68

If there is one thing that is a big turn off with Bojol Grill, it is their comfort rooms. They were not well-maintained. So if you wish to visit the place, make sure to ease yourself somewhere else first 🙂

Overall I like the place, the service and the food 🙂 Next time, I’ll try another dish.

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