Counter-Strike Days

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I ain’t a gamer. At least no more. Offline and online, I am not good with games so I don’t play very often. But this does not mean I don’t play at all. I play online games but very seldom. And usually, I only play quick games, games that can be finished in less than five minutes, just to erase boredom or relieve from stress. I could not afford to waste so much time unproductive.

Going back more than a decade ago, the story is a bit different. I was still not good with gaming then but I spent too much time playing counter-strike, then was very popular network game, with my friends. I enjoyed this game because we could play several sets in an hour. I also got hooked to this game for a while because I could choose and buy my own weapons. But since I am not good with tactics {and cheats}, I often chose one-shot rifles with rifle scopes and stayed on one place to wait for an opponent 😀

I only played counter-strike for so little time. After I “killed” the best players in our group, I’ve decided to stop. I was contented that I learned how to play the game. I knew that I would not get anything from it except a short-time enjoyment so I have to stop playing it before I get addicted.

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  1. I don’t spend time in any games online. I’m not good and I don’t know how. Even if I have a chance. I don’t give a try. Enjoy earning through blogging.

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