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Daughter Goes To School?

  • Sumo

Time flies really fast. As if it was only yesterday when my daughter still sucked my breast for nourishment and now she has started to go to school. She is not formally enrolled yet. She will be attending the nursery class as sit-in student for one month in our church’s preschool, the BAPTIST LEARNING CENTER. The teachers will asses her if she is ready or not for school after a month. She can come to school any day she likes with no pressure. She’s not required to buy the books yet nor the other requirements. We will just buy them as the needed or after the assessment. We just bought her papers and colors last Saturday. She’s not also required to be in uniforms for the entire month. But I’m trying to find hand-down uniforms from old students so she won’t feel different from the other students. I don’t want to buy her uniforms yet because they might just be wasted if she decided to stop.

It was not my idea to send her to school so early neither my husband’s idea. The teachers in BLC were the ones who convinced my daughter to go school. I just realized it when my daughter started talking about school and teachers. When we asked her if she wanted to go to school already, without any hesitation, she answered YES! She started enumerating the things she wants to buy; bag, pencil, paper, colors, etc.ร‚ย  Since her schooling was not yet in our plan for this year, we did not allocate any budget for it. Added to that, we are really financially drained because of the unexpected expenses for my father’s medications and checkups. But blessing, because we don’t need to pay anything yet.

So I allowed her to give it a try. She is so excited to go to school. I just hope that her enthusiasm will not wear out fast. If it does, there is still no problem. She can repeat the class next year when she’s a year older.

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3 thoughts on “Daughter Goes To School?

  1. You know what, ganyan yung ginawa ko noon sa anak kong si Patrick, although he is officially enrolled sa day care with matching uniforms,books and all the other stuff but I put no pressure on him.After Christmas vacation, one week na lang sya pumasok then hindi na tinapos, hindi nga umattend ng graduation eh, but I thank God, tingnan mo at na promote pa. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Good luck to your li’l student, school is supposed to be a fun place to be not a burden especially for her. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Thanks Mommy Willa. You are definitely right! school should be a fund place ๐Ÿ˜‰ She seems enjoying naman.

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