Happy 101

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happy 101

I received this award from Mommy K of WAHMaholic. I am truly honored that I am one of those who make you happy. I am also happy to know you online.

Together with the award logo, the award requires that I post 10 things that make me happy. Here they are:

  • The amazing grace of God
  • Jaypee
  • Sciezka
  • Polangot
  • Old and Loyal Friends
  • Learnings and Discoveries
  • Opps
  • Sleeping
  • New found friends
  • Brain Buddies

Now I am passing this happy 101 awards to the following happy mommies:

3 thoughts on “Happy 101

  1. Hi sis. grab ko na ‘tong tag mo for me. Thanks. Happy Valentine’s Day! san family date niyo bukas? ๐Ÿ™‚

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