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Bought Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

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Using my old mouse for long period of time caused pains on my wrist. It has been damaged by frequent fall from my computer table. I just can’t replace it because we don’t have an extra budget to buy a new one. My husband keep on reminding me to allot some money for a new mouse but it seems that I can’t even save a few hundreds from our income.

But last weekend, I can no longer take more pains and I don’t also want my carpal tunnel syndrome to comes back. My pointing device has already its own mind. It would click on the wrong button or link and its cursor was moving by itself as if there is another hand maneuvering it. So before my sanity leaves me, I decided to buy a new one. And blessing because included in our last payday was the payment for the overtime work I rendered last holiday. God’s blessings is always on time. He knew that I badly need a new mouse and He provided a means for me to have one.

img_3217After teaching in our church Bible school last Friday, hubby, ska and I went to SM North Cyber Zone to buy a new pointing device. It was my husband idea to buy a wireless one to test if it is better than the usual mouse. Since the price of a wireless mouse alone and the price of the keyboard and mouse package has only few hundreds difference, we chose for the package.We checked the price first at Dynamic PC because based on our experience, Dynamic PC usually offers the cheapest price. Then we check the prices of other stores. Dynamic PC still has the lowest price for Logitech EX100. This is the cheapest wireless keyboard and mouse. We only got it for Php 1,450 compared to the other stores price of 1,700+. Since their stock was still in transit and would arrive at around 8:30, we decided to treat our daughter to Jollibee, her favorite fast food establishment.

Here are the funny faces of my daughter while waiting for her meal. Probably she’s excited and impatient at the same time to have her order.  She just threw it on her wacky poses! The other girl in the picture is her Ate Apol, her closest friend in our church.SkawithAteApol

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3 thoughts on “Bought Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

  1. You know, I’ve also been eyeing the same at CDR-King here in Megamall, I’m also having the same predicament with my mouse and keyboard, but actually, I also need a new computer table and a new monitor. I also have a carpal tunnel syndrome and a 50/75 eyesight, so I really pray that God sends me the blessing to continue on working ^___^

    You got beautiful kids.

    God bless!

    1. We have the same need. Actually I am also scouting for a better computer table May nakita kami ng husband ko before pero nung balikan namin wala na, nabili na. Mejo masikip ung table ko ngayon ang tendency ma stress ung wrist ko sa pagtatype. Pero praise God, 20/20 pa eyesight.

      Isa lng po anak ko dyan 😀 ung maliit lng. Yung isa friend lng po nya na anak naman ng kachurchmate namin.

      thanks for dropping by.

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