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Household Tip: Soap Optimization

  • Sumo

Did you noticed that we can’t use our soaps to the fullest?(whether bath or laundry soap, as long as it is in bar form) There will always be some remnants that most of the times are really annoying because they mess our bathrooms. I will share with you how to use the soap to the last piece. This will not only help you prevent the mess but also maximize your soap to the fullest.

1. Watch out for the right time. If you think the soap will already break if you still use it, this is the perfect time. Don’t wait for the soap to break.
2. Before you enter your bathroom for your bath, bring your new soap.
3. Use your new soap in bathing to make the soap wet.
4. Just before you finish your bath, get the old soap. Put the new soap and old soap back-to-back and apply some pressure to make them stick together.
5. Presto! No waste. You will be able to use the old soap with the new one until the old soap is consumed.

This is ready for your next use. You just need to be a little careful at first to prevent the soaps from separating, but as you use them, you will notice that they will become one and become inseparable.

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