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Have you ever heard about Satellite TV?

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My curiousity as an eager-learner was piqued when I heard about Satellite TV. And because I faced the computer for more than eight hours a day, five days a week, finding out information about it was made easier for me . So as soon as I heard it, I opened a new browser and ask Mr. Google what is a Satellite TV. According to Mr. Google, this is the hottest and latest technology in tv broadcasting,(not really new since it started way back early in early 1990s but new to me because I only heard it recently), the successor of cable tv.

According to Wikipedia, this is a television delivered by the means of communication satellite and received by a satellite dish and set-top box. So, this is the purpose of the disks I usually see on the roofs of the houses when I traveled to provinces.

As I continue to research about Satellite TV, I discovered that there are two major providers of Satellite TV, Direct TV and Dish Network. Both providers offer Digital Quality, Free Equipment and Free Installation. If you need to go into the detail before coming up with a best choice, visit Kaptain Satellite. This is a good site which provides updated facts on latest promotions, news and comments about the two satellite providers. Kaptain Satellite reviews, compares, and contrasts the packages, pricing, equipment and programming offerings from Dish Networks and Direct TV.
If you have LCD or plasma TV at home or cable providers are not available in town, satellite tv is the best alternative. And better check Kaptain Satellite first to avail the best package.

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