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I never won in any blog contest until last October 19 :D. Yipppeee! For the first time I can shout to high heavens that I finally won in a contest (the shallow part of me!) :D! And that is in Blog Appetite’s  Contest hosted by Mye :).  It is only today that I realized that I won the second prize which is $15 dollar paypal fund. Thanks to Thunderbird’s Message filter feature because of this feature I realized that I won in the said contest.

I Won

I was moving all emails with paypal text in message body to a separate folder. I was checking the emails moved to verify if the filter works and  I noticed that the email subscription for the Blog Contest: Announcing The Winners!!! was also moved to that folder. I click the link to check who won the contest because I know that I sponsored a 3-month 125×125 ad for that contest.  And I can’t believe that I won :D.  I believed that it is God’s way of letting me know that I won! This made me so happy because it is my first time to won and I don’t actually expected it.  Another God’s unexpected blessing to me 🙂

Thank you Mye for hosting this contest 🙂 May you have more contests in the future.

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6 thoughts on “I Won In Blog Appetite’s Contest

  1. @Clarissa & Tetcha,
    Thanks! Thanks!

    @Yami, ay uu nga noh? D ko rin napansin, hehehe masyado akong natuwa sa pagpakapanalo ko 😀

    @Debborah Canada, will add your link too 🙂

  2. Congrats mommy! I’m happy for you. winner din pala ako dito. Ay yeah I remember nakalimutan ko na i even left mye a comment regarding this. grabe na memory gap ko. hehe.

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