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I believe that a good blogger should always try his/her best to respond to the comments left by their readers. Sometimes I am left with a question if I will answer the comment on my own site or leave my answer to the readers site. I usually post my answer on the commenter’s site as on out-of-topic comment. But sometimes, time is not so kind that it does not allow me to roam around to answer all the comments one by one so I just answer their comments on my own site. My concern is how to let the commenter knows my response without returning to my site and searching the post where she/he left a comment. This concern is answered by Subscribe-To-Comment feature of Word Press. This feature will allow the commenter get notified via email when there is a new comment posted on the post. The commenters only need to mark the Notify me of followup comments via-email and presto, updates will be directly delivered to their inbox.
Subscribe To Comment

I hope you as my reader will benefit from this feature 🙂

Happy weekend!

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