I Received My Prize

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Prize ReceivedYippee! I already received my prize from Mye of Blog Appetite. A cold $15 – Paypal fund. Mommy Mye is so fast sending me my prize, though I am not in hurry to receive it. Why? Because I haven’t linked up my paypal account to my local bank account so even if I get it, I have no way to encash it :D, But I truly appreciate Mye’s pro-activeness and promptness in giving my prize :). Actually, Mommy Mye transferred the fund last Saturday, I was just to immerse playing Typing Maniac that I didn’t notice that the game already eat up my precious time. Waaahhhh the game is too addicting!

I am also one of the sponsors of that contest so I am now doing my share. The badge on the FEATURED BLOG section is one of the winners of the 3-month Ad that I sponsored. The site’s name is Sunday Madness and owned by Well Lagman. Please visit his site if you have time. It will stay there until the end of February of 2010.

Again, thanks Mye for the prize! More blessings to you and to your family.

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5 thoughts on “I Received My Prize

  1. Hi My, Congrats pala may 15 bucks ka heheheh! Out of this topic also … the only task I have not completed is my article of thanksgiving which I have to do before this contest closes… sooooooooonest sana! that’s no. 1. Salamat…

  2. good to see you got the prize, I won a prize in Oct $5 until now the sponsor no send the money I even contact the host but seems that she not responding to me. 🙁

  3. Hi Mommy. Pano nga ba ipa-encash ang payful fund? kahit maliit lang na amount sayang din pangdag-dag pangnoche-buena at pambili ng simpleng decor. ni isang maliit na parol wala kami.

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