Flower Gown For My Daughter

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I mentioned in this post that my daughter was requested to be one of the flower girls on my churchmate’s wedding tomorrow (yeah I know, I supposed to be taking my beauty rest now :D). I am already hesitant to allow Sciezka join the entourage because the gowns for the flower girls are not yet available until yesterday. I am afraid that Sciezka may not like the gown and I have no more time to brainwash(:D) her to wear it.At her age, my daughter has already her own preference on her clothes. If she don’t like the clothe that I want her to wear, you would hear her say “No Mommy, Panget!!!” and will refuse to wear it. I need to convince her more that the shirt or dress is pretty on her. Sigh! There is no argument if the clothe is pink, or with Dora and Boots prints. She will wear without hesitation.

We only received the gown this morning, Good thing, my daughter liked the gown. When her father, who is too excited to see her daughter in gown, ask her to try the gown, my daughter immediately take off her shirt and allow us to put the gown on her. We tried to take some photos but she don’t want us to take her pictures. Grrrhh! And when the trial is over, she no longer want to take off the gown!

Although, I am not sure if we will be attending the wedding tomorrow, I still bought her stockings. I tried to look for a set of gloves that will fit her hands. But the smallest available is still too big for her.

I really hope that everything will turn out okay tomorrow. I wish I still have a digital camera so I can capture my daughter’s first experience to be a flower girl. I will still bring my defective camera, hoping that it will still work. If not, I will just request those who has a camera to take some photos of my little princess.
She is evading the camera


3 thoughts on “Flower Gown For My Daughter

  1. i lov her gown, parang ung kay Belle ng Beauty and the Beast, color purple nga lang yung sa kanya..

    i hope you do attend the wedding, this is a great experience for all of you. Si Thea nag flower girl din last month (post here), i was worried din at first pero it turned out okay naman.

    Id look forward for pictures- m sure super cute si bebe mo

  2. hehe ayaw magpapicture si Ska huh. cute siguro niya kapag nakaharap. lam mo dream ko din makuha as flower girl si mumski ko noon tapos lately nung ikasal ang pinsan ko kinukuhang abay eh kaso amin ang gown sayang nga eh walang pangpondo tsaka mahiyain kaya di na rin napilit. 🙂

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