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Igot curious how other bloggers post their feeds on FB wall. So while waiting for my tasks from my full-time job yesterday morning, I tried to explore how it was done. So the culprit was the Networked Blogs application of FB. I immediately registered my two blogs, unfortunately when I write a post to test the feed, only the feed from Online Mommy’s Corner was displayed on my wall. Networked Blogs could not retrieve the feed from my other blog. Until now, my posts are not yet displayed on the blog feed section of my Networked Blog Profile. I’ve tried to pull the feed manually, but still no post appeared. Is it because the blog is relatively new? The other blog is just more than five months. I had no chance to explore today because I was loaded with tasks from my full-time job. Hopefully, tomorrow I can try to figure it out again. If you encounter the same problem and has found the solution, maybe you can share it with me *wink* *wink*.

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4 thoughts on “Networked Blogs

  1. How does Networked Blogs work? How do I register my blog? By the way, I was supposed to give you an award, but it seems you’ve already received it, Blog Substance Award. I’m giving it to you just the same because you truly deserve it.

  2. Hi, I’m so touched that you chose my blog for the Blog with Substance Award. Will blog about it very soon. Hey, I also had a problem with the NetworkedBlogs widget recently but now it’s working well na. I’m already following you there but my photo is different from the one in my blog.

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