Information about Typhoon Pepeng: Accurate or Not?

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Most of the those who were devastated by the floods caused by Typhoon Ondong () haven’t recover yet and now the country is about to brace another typhoon, Typhoon Pepeng. As of this writing, Pepeng remains an ordinary typhoon according to the  weather bureau but there is a big possibility that when it hit the land,  it is already a super typhoon.

I received a couple of SMS and instant messages from friends containing these information:

1. Typhoon Pepeng = Type 5 (same as Katrina)
2. Critical hour = 9pm
3. Winds & rains stronger than Milenyo
4. MM will be hit by tail/body unless it changes its course
5. Meralco will shut down areas tonight PLEASE REPOST & PASS!

My first question and reaction was, who is the source? I need to know if the information is reliable. There is nothing wrong to prepare. As a matter of fact, this is more advantageous if we are prepared when Typhoon Pepeng hit our place. But unfortunately, this kind of information also causes panics and worries.

I believe that it would also help everyone to remain calm if we only spread reliable and accurate information. We can think more clearly and reasonably if we are calm. And just like Mommy Yami’s tip, only listen to reliable source such as weather bureau, news and other local and national authorities.


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