Panic Buying or Just Preparing

  • Sumo

My daughter already used the last diaper last night. So my husband and I decided just to do the grocery today and buy the other items we need. We went to Cherry Foodarama during my lunch break. Usually this is the best time to do the grocery because the cashier lanes are normally short. But not today. It took me 1 and a half hour before I finally got my turn. My daughter, who asked her Dad to treat her at Jollibee already came back but I was still in the line.

When we entered the grocery, it was my first time to see that almost all the carts were in use. Only few carts and few baskets were left. When we started to roam around to buy the stuffs we need, most items that were already out-of-stock included noodles, canned goods, bottled water and biscuits. We didn’t visit the wet and the frozen food section (meat, chicken etc) because they might just get spoiled if ever there will be a power interruptions. I didn’t see any staff just standing. Everyone was busy replenishing the empty shelves.

When we started to line up, whoa! The carts ahead of us were really overflowing with goods. Hmm… today is not a payday but it seems that most people have plenty of money to buy so many goods. Was it because of Typhoon Pepeng? Well, there is nothing wrong to prepare but to buy more what you need is not also good. Let us also think of other people who also need to save some food for themselves during the rain. Like the DTI representative mentioned over the news, let us prepare but let us not overreact 🙂

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