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Learning Another Technology

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In more than ten years as a software developer, my life revolves around Microsoft technologies; from MS SQL 6.5 and classic ASP to MS SQL 2010 and ASP.NET. Although I have some experiences on other technologies like Oracle and Delphi, my core expertise were on Microsoft products.

Recently, as our client had decided to temporarily halt our two-year offshore service to them, an opportunity for me to learn another technology opened. This technology is Java, the counterpart of Microsoft .Net technologies.

Java is not a new technology. As a matter of fact, I had a Java subject during college. But I realized that the Java I learned eleven years ago was totally obsolete with the current development in Java programming. I am totally lost as I study again this language and the other technologies associated with it. The more challenging part is that I have to learn it through self-study. As I started to try the tutorials available over the internet, the more I realized how big Java development is. But as a senior developer, I am expected to learn it with minimal supervision. As an eager-learner, I consider learning Java as an opportunity for me to learn more and to get out of my comfort zone as a developer.

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