Macro Flowers Saturday, Today’s Flower – White Datura

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Now that I’ve seen the white version of the eggplant flower I featured weeks ago, I am convinced that it is indeed a Datura.

This is how the bud looks like.

This is the body

a bit of a side view

The full view

Lovely isn’t? This flower reminds me of life. Because this flowers only lives for a while. It easily withered. How pretty it maybe to look at, it will not last for long. Just like life. Life is so short. We may say that our life is so beautiful now but we can never tell until when it will last.
Happy Weekend to all of us!

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4 thoughts on “Macro Flowers Saturday, Today’s Flower – White Datura

  1. Very lovely flowers and pictures!!
    Datura metaloides is a perennial herb that grows to 3½ feet tall with a spread of 4 to 5 feet in 5 gallon pots. It makes a great patio plant but it tends to get weedy if the immature seedpods are not picked of. The Thorn Apple is hardy in zone 7. It is a native of the southwest US and northern Mexico. Poisonous!! This is a relative of D. stramonium, jimsonweed.

    -Cheers Gisela.

  2. Yes it is a datura. a gorgeous plant. I have so beautiful childhood memories with this flower: my grandmother used to grow one. I didn’t know at that time, how poisonous it was.
    I posted Macro Flowers Saturday on Friday right after your visit. Unfortunately I can’t schedule it because Mclinky doesn’t recognize the timezone correctly.
    Have an easy week!

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