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While I am finishing my remaining task, I decided to do drop more ECs (multi-tasking is not new to me ;).  And while dropping,  I landed on Marriage and Beyond‘s abode and discover that the owner of the site (probably a couple) is currently running a contest. What interests me is the prize of the contest – Dr. Dobson’s Dare To Discipline book. Well, I want to have a copy of the book because I this book is the prequel of the book I am currently reading -“Strong-Willed Child.” In addition to the book, the owner of the site (i will try to find out who in the coming days hihihi…) is giving away Php 500 Worth of Starbucks Gift Cheque.  I would not tell you that the rules of the contest are so easy and that you can find them here so you wouldn’t attempt to join the contest (the less number of participant the big chance for me win LOL!). And please don’t mind to leave a comment daily so your chance to win will be lessen.  But of course, you know that they are just a joke (jokes are half-meant by the way :D) Seriously,  please join the contest, and if you win, just give the book to me 😉 LOL!

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6 thoughts on “Marriage And Beyond Second Blogversary Contest

  1. Hi onlinemommy, I like that book by Dr. Dobson! Super, it’s a must for every parent to read. I just heard it all in an audio tape. If i could win, I will give the book to you, but if you win, give the starbucks amount for me, lols! ehehe, jokes 😉

  2. wow, this is nice, I wanted to join but at this moment I just felt bad kasi
    dyan sa Pinas my blog is ok, sa Korea ok rin sabi ng friend ko, pero dito sa Thailand I can’t open it.
    Anyway, thanks for the help and this info too.

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