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I Received My Johnson’s Body Care Gift Package

  • Sumo

Well, it is true indeed! I have it in my hands. I seldom register for free gifts because most of the time it is just a hoax. I don’t know what made me click the link provided  by Mommy Rubz of Pinay Mommy Online on her post about Johnson’t Free Gift but I am glad I did. I received the gift very early last Sunday.  It was my husband who accepted the gift from the courier.  I wish all my friends whom I invited to register didn’t ignore the invitation. And thanks to mommy Rubz for sharing the information and link.

For those who haven’t register yet, you can still register here but you need to hurry. Because it is only good until supplies last.


10 thoughts on “I Received My Johnson’s Body Care Gift Package

  1. wow, congrats Mylene, daming kayong na receive na blessings dyan sa Pinas ano?
    Blessings talaga yan.

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