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Towel Wrap (Tapis)

  • Sumo

Whenever I have the luxury of time, one of the things I enjoy doing with my daughter is taking a bath together. My daughter also loves this bonding session because she has a chance to play with the water longer. She also enjoys it when I pour the water on my head and she is standing in front of me. She would also instruct to me sit so she can pour the water on me. I enjoy hearing her giggling. And she would not get out of the bathroom without her tapis (towel wrap). She’s only using her towelette as towel wrap.
Ska on towel wrapMy daughter will surely love the mint bath towel wraps in Posy Lane. They are in nine different colors and available in Adult, Teen and Children sizes. The towels can also be personalized with a name or a monogram. It will definitely be cute if we will have the same color of towel wrap, don’t you think so? My daughter might want to take a bath every hour just to use the soft and attractive towel wrap ๐Ÿ˜€

Not only colorful towel wraps are available in Posy Lane, but also laundry bags and
kindergarten nap mats. The laundry bag is very convenient to use because of its shoulder strap. You can bring your dirty clothes nicely and neatly using this laundry bag. The laundry bags match the colors of the towel wrap, so you can combine them to create as a perfect gift package.

The kindergarten nap mats are really adorable. If I have the budget, I will get one for my daughter. The mats are lined with nylons and padded with cotton which made them comfortable for kids. Each mat is complete with a soft fleece blanket and soft pillow. It can also be rolled-up then closed with Velcro closure and carried using the carrying strap. Very convenient and space saver, isn’t?

If you are tired of giving usual gift and wish to give something new, you can head to for more fun and uplifting gifts.


9 thoughts on “Towel Wrap (Tapis)

  1. weeeee sa wakas me OPp na ahhaha =) cutie ng mga tapis nila no? ang gaganda ehehhe =) GAND ADN NG PERSONALIZED ITEMS NILA sana mdami pera sa paypal bili ko lhat ng ganyana haha =)
    re sa playground….tlga d b malinis un? nku fav ngank ko sa mga bola nag si swimming sila dun! ehhehe

  2. I remember that Kindergarten nap map – my kiddo has several of those, at first I was like "what's that — the school van assistant is carrying?" It looks like they're travelling far away lol.. and about the link xchange – no problem ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. kacute naman ng model ng tapis mo, hehehe.

    thankies for adding me to yor blogroll. i'll be adding you in 3..2.. eheheh. sympre paglabas ko rito, derecho na ko sa template ko ๐Ÿ˜€


  4. Mommy, you know what i'll be writing the same stuff hehe. Tatlo na tayo. Si Mommy Dee 'yung isa. Baka bukas na lang ako. Wish me luck, first paid post ko ito. hehe

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