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Momments? Moments??

  • Sumo

I’ve been participating in Mommy Moments for quite sometimes now and for all those times, my spelling of moment is wrong, lol! I only discovered it this morning. And nobody had the guts to correct me huh?! Just kidding hehehe… I don’t know who among you noticed the misspelled word but were just to shy to inform me. Anyway, going forward, I will be using Moments and not Momments. I changed all the labels of the mommy moments entry but it will be very tedious for me to replace all the titles with the correct spelling. Could you do me favor? Could you just ignore misspelled word ๐Ÿ˜€ and forgive my negligence ๐Ÿ˜€ That is the result of sleepless nights hahaha….

If you see something wrong with my grammar or spelling, please don’t hesitate to let me know. I will be very happy to stand corrected.



4 thoughts on “Momments? Moments??

  1. Hoy, psst Mommy Pehpot, nakakasagasa ka hehe. Timbang ba usapan, hehe (wag na lang i've stopped measuring my weight. Lolz)

    Mommy, di ko napansin ang wrong spelling na sinasabi mo. And nobody's perfect kaya. Ang mahalaga kung sino ka sa mga friends mo. Mommy ako ng mommy sa'yo. Ano ba ang itatawag ko talaga? Ako kaya naging Yami kasi walang nickname ang Miriam eh, ako na lang nagbigay ng nickname sa sarili ko. hehe.

  2. naku Mommy never ko na notice.. and you know naman kung nakita ko un for sure gagawa ako ng paraan para masabi ko sau without exposing you hehe.. anyways, nakalista ka na at hindi ka na pedeng umatras.. ke balyena mode ka pa nga ngayon LOL

  3. i didn't seem to notice the incorrect "moments" spelling from the past entries that i've visited. hmmm.. i might have been doing the same, hahaha

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