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Mommy Moments – This I Give To You (Pamana)

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When I knew the theme for today’s Mommy Moments, I decided to skip again. Because the truth is, neither I nor my husband have any material thing which I can pass to our daughter or to our future son (we are still praying for a son). We both came from a non well-to-do family. If the Lord will enable us to send our kids to college and He will permit them to get a degree, that is the only thing we can give to them. But I realized that though my husband and I lack material things to give to our kids, we still have something to leave them, and that is our faith in God. Though we cannot force them our belief, we can teach them the doctrines of the Bible and we can influence them through our testimonies to follow the same decision we made when we accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as our Lord and personal Saviour. I think that is the only and best heritage we can leave them.

So how about you? What is that something that you want to give your kids? Why don’t you hop to The Mommy Journey and play with us.


9 thoughts on “Mommy Moments – This I Give To You (Pamana)

  1. I missed joining here but have no choice – since I don’t have enough time these days. Cute ng anak nyo Mommy.

  2. That is a great legacy to pass on to your kid. Faith in the Lord could be her greatest armor as she grows, because there will come a time when neither you nor anybody could help her except for the teachings you imparted to her. Nice post!

  3. What a valued pamana to your daughter!Walang tatalo sa pagbibigay-alam tungkol sa Dyos^_^

    Have a blissful weekend to you and your family,Mommy Mylene!

  4. Faith is a very special gift that we can pass on to our children because it’s faith that makes them steadfast and strong in the midst of trials. Happy Mommy Moments, Mylene!

  5. I love your answer! What a special gift to give them. I wanted to add that things handed down in families does not always have to have a monetary value, but a special familial value. You don’t have to be well off to hand down special memories. For example my mother gave me ornaments from our Xmas tree when I was a kids. I treasure these, and will someday give them to my children to hang on their trees. They have no value as far as I know, but they are extremely valuable to me and the blessed memories they hold.

  6. You’re right in your Pamana. First, let’s teach our children the doctrines about God and that he’s the ultimate good and lover.

    BTW, Mylene, thanks for making it to my blog’s top 10 ec droppers last month. Have you joined my blog anniv giveaway yet? If not, I’m inviting you.

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