Month of the Philippine Language : The Presentation

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(Buwan ng Wika : Ang Pagtatanghal)
It was my first time to attend a pre-school program and I swear, it was chaotic but really fun! It was hard to understand the way the nursery students delivered their riddles and proverbs but I enjoy watching their dance presentation in the tune and lyrics of May Tatlong Bibi (There are Three Ducks). I realized that kids are kids and their playfulness is uncontrollable at times.

In general the program went well. But I have a little regret because I made the biggest boo boo on my daughter’s costume. I should have just put on her a ladies vest undershirt for her Kimona instead of just wrapping the Saya on her chest. Because as she danced, the Saya slid little by little until it settled on her waist. She could not move freely because she’s trying to hold her Saya and when the Saya reached her waist, she had nothing under her see-through Kimona. Her eyes started to look for me and when she saw me, I gave her a thumbs up to imply that it was okay and she was doing great. She was able to finish her dance gracefully but her teachers told me that she was allot better during their practice. When I was fixing her costume, I assured her that she did great and it was mommy’s fault. The same thing happen when they were singing their finale song, the “Pinakamamahal Kong Bayang Pilipinas (My Most Beloved Country, Philippines)”. I also told her that Mommy learned her lesson and next year, Mommy knew what she should wear. The program ended in a sumptuous lunch. Hubby was already too busy eating so he forgot to take some photos of the food.

It may not be as perfect as it supposed to be but I am happy to witness my daughter’s first school performance. I considered myself privileged because my current  job gives some flexibility in my working hours which allows to be with my daughter in activities like this. I am also happy because despite all the circumstances, the program was a success. I could see that parents enjoined their kids’ presentations and the kids as well had a great time performing.

Here are some photos taken before, during, and after the program. We also have a video of the dance but the size was too big to upload here.

my daughter with her classmates. She’s the one in Yellow Kimona

Sleepyalready sleepy even before the program had started

they were already asked to line up

I almost laugh when my daughter signed to me that she needed a make-up. I didn’t have one so I asked a favor from another mom, if she can put some make-up on my daughter’s face. In time like this, I missed her Ninang Myra who always do the make-up thing. So you see, my daughter is more kikay than her mother.

waiting for the rest of her classmates to sit down

their dance presentation. It was taken during the beginning of the presentation when her costume was still fine.

their finale song with the rest of her schoolmates

notice that her inner garment is already sliding… but she still managed to imitate the action of her teacher. The show must go on, LOL.

here she was after the presentation


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