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I was not able to update this blog and my other blogs as much as I want. Sigh. My plate is full with other things. My colleague and I just finished the deployment of eight DNN sites today. Well, the deployment we did were mostly updates for the existing sites. But before the deployment, we have to ensure that everything is okay and properly implemented. We were also busy with some actual coding for the contest which our client joined in. In addition to my full-time work tasks, I’m also busy with my daughter. She needs more time to practice writing to improve her writing skills and I need to ensure that she do her stuff correctly with speed. I am trying to find ways how to improve her concentration too. She easily get distracted off her task and divert her attention in doing other stuff instead. Well, she’s just three years old, so what do I expect ๐Ÿ˜€ I also easily fall to sleep when I put my daughter to sleep. In result, I always failed go online again for my other extra-curricular activities.

Those excuses are lame, I know. The most important reason why I couldn’t update my sites often is because my mind is wandering. My mind is loaded with so many things that often times caused my absent-mindedness. I am ill-motivated nowadays. Why? I can’t also pinpoint the reason. I have so many things to share, but they all ended as history in my mind. They were never put into writings.

It will surely come to pass. I just have to wait. My motivation to update my sites will go back, Lord willing.

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2 thoughts on “ILL-Motivated

  1. Keep a little notebook nearby and write little ideas in it – then when things calm down in your schedule you can browse through it and see what you would like to write about. Don’t burn yourself out with trying to do too much. I’ve had to reduce the amount of meme’s I enter and try to blog at least 1 new post a week from both of my blogs. Family come first.

    I used to fall asleep aswell when I put the kids to bed.

  2. Wow, that’s early to train your child in writing. The early the better ๐Ÿ™‚ Me too, I am struggling to get by blogging and spending time with my George and his Dad. They need my attention too. In fact right now. I want to go strolling outside and take George to a playground nearby. BTW, thanks for making it to my blog’s top 10 EC droppers. I’m inviting you to join my blog anniv giveaway too.

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