Buwan ng Wika

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Better late than never. This is probably the stand of the staff in my daughter’s school. As we Filipinos know, August is the Buwan ng Wika (Month of Language) and many schools celebrated their “Linggo ng Wika” on the 3rd week of August. But not in my daughter’s school :). They will have it tomorrow and on Friday. So tomorrow will be my daughter’s first participation in a school program. She was asked to memorize three Bugtong (riddles) and one Kawikaan (Proverb). But according to her teacher, the entire class will recite them at the same time. They will also sing Pinakamamahal Kong Bayan. She was also assigned to bring sixty pieces of puto. She will wear kimona and saya with matching bakya.

On Friday, they will have Palarong Filipino. Parents and kids will play. This will be exciting but I am not yet sure If I will still be permitted to report to work late. I already got the approval for tomorrow but haven’t asked permission for Friday yet. Probably, Hubby will join my daughter on Friday.

Iam really excited about it since this will be one of her firsts. I don’t know how she will perform but as long as she goes up the stage, that is enough for me. I just want her to enjoy and I’m sure she will.

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