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Renting a house is like putting your money in a bag with a hole. This is how I view it as I am also renting a place for my family myself. Month in and month out, part of my salary goes to the apartment rental. If only the money I spend in the rental will be saved, in ten years time, I can already avail a modest housing in a nearby province in cash. But that is not the case. After I give the money to the land lord, I should already forget about that money. I can no longer get any benefit from that money except for another month of temporary shelter for me and my family. But at the end of the day, the ownership of the house still belongs to the landlord. So renting, if I may say so, is not wise. But what are the choices left to a common employee like me?

Another disadvantage of just renting is the limitation of the tenants to renovate and restructure the house. Tenants like me will surely agree that we only have limited power to modify the house. We are not allowed to do major modifications like adding  fixtures and facilities specially if the added facilities we want needs digging or breaking the walls or floors unless you will opt to use Saniflo products like Saniflo toilet. These kind of facilities can easily be installed without breaking the walls or the conventional plumbing system. But other than these facilities, I don’t think it is also wise to invest on fixtures because we cannot bring them when we leave our rented-place. 

I am hoping that our government will provide more options to ordinary employee like me to avail affordable yet decent homes. I am hoping that they can offer more rent-to-own houses to us who can’t afford the expensive condos and townhouses of known builders.

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