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Mommy Moments – Field Trips

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As you all know, my li’l darling is too young to have a formal field trip. Because of this, I don’t have a valid entry for this week’s Mommy Moments theme. But allow me to share my thoughts about it 🙂

As a mom, one of the events that I look forward to are field trips of my daughter  (and future son :D). I am excited to join my daughter with her future field trips (stage mom bah???) And if possible, I would also encourage my husband to join us. It will be quite a budget though. So I should be saving for it as early as now LOL. Kidding aside, the reason for this is first to bond with our daughter. Second, to be part of my daughter’s learning memories. I always want to be the first one to answer my daughter’s inquiries about anything. And definitely, during a field trip, she will see new and unfamiliar things. Questions will be formulated in her mind. I want her to remember that I am or her dad is the first one who explained to her those things. I want her to have a good memory of the explorations she will have in the future and I want to be a part of that memory.

Though my daughter, does not have a formal field trip yet, we always bring her to different places where she will be exposed to places and things  which are not familiar to her. We brought her to Rizal Park last year, Quezon City Parks and Wildlife thrice and Quezon City Memorial Circle almost every other Saturday. If we have extra budget, we bring her to the beach for her to be familiar with the sea and won’t have any phobia to it in the future. It will also be good if she will also learn how to swim at a very young age.

This year, we are planning to bring her to Manila Zoo and Malabon Zoo – the less expensive parks and Zoo. We also have plans to bring her to Manila Ocean Park. But since the entrance fee is little bit expensive, we want to bring her there if she can fully appreciate the place and aquatic animals. These are still plans and will only happen if the Lord permits.

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3 thoughts on “Mommy Moments – Field Trips

  1. Masaya talaga ang fieldtrip sis. Lam mo mas madalas pa kaming lumalabas nung maliliit pa ang mga kids di gaya ngayon madalang na lang kasi mas magastos na dahil turo na ng turo ng kung anu ano. 😀

  2. Yup. field trips should be a learning experienced for the kids and bonding time na rin for the family, and it doesn’t matter kung saan pa ang destinasyon.

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