One Great Blogversary Contest Ended

  • Sumo

At exactly 12 midnight last night, the blogversary contest of Kaye and Peh ended. Aside from the grand prizes, they also will be giving out consolation prizes. Who will be the blessed winners? Let us wait and see. Kaye posted their announcement of winners schedule.

As one of the 3rd level sponsors, I am privilege to have my blog reviewed by other bloggers. While reading the reviews, I have this feeling that it is not my site that they are talking about in their articles. I didn’t expect that my site is perceived by other blogger as such. To show my appreciation to these bloggers, I will be giving away $5 to the best review. But I need your help on this.

I will quote here the reviews and I will request you to vote for the review that you think best described my blog. I won’t post yet the urls nor the authors, to minimize biases if not eradicated.

So, will you help me choose the deserving reviewer?

6 thoughts on “One Great Blogversary Contest Ended

  1. wow, $5 for the best reviewer. i am thinking of doing this kind of thing myself.. to choose the best review and reward them with something… isip ko pa kung ano ibibigay ko.. if paypal money ba or ad space.. ๐Ÿ˜€

    good luck sa selection process dear!

  2. Hope I could visit again and help you. I’ll try…
    Blessings to you and your family…

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