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Mommy Moments – Park Day, Mellow Yellow Monday, Blue Monday

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Most kids love parks and my daughter is not exempted. She prefers park visits than malling and that is advantageous for me because visiting a park is way less expensive than malling.

Before,  we had an easy access to a park or should I say,  a playground? There was a nearby children’s park in our place before. But it didn’t last for so long. As if it was built to be destroyed. It was just left to the use of the public without someone who would ensure that the facilities were properly used.  Also, the most users didn’t bother to use with care. In result, we have a children’s park that  is not safe for children’s use. Ironic eh?

Now, whenever my daughter wants to go to the park, we go Quezon City Memorial Circle. This is the nearest free decent park in our place. Thanks to Honorable Sonny Belmonte for developing the park to be a more child-friendly park.

These photos were taken during our last visit to the park few weeks ago.

This was taken on the newly painted open area of the park. See the blue floor for Blue Monday?

She seldom likes to use the swing by herself.

She’s not too happy, isn’t? Yellow tube slide for Mellow Yellow Monday

Across Quezon City Memorial Circle is Quezon City Parks and Wild Life. We also visit the place if we are still early.

This was her photo during our last visit

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14 thoughts on “Mommy Moments – Park Day, Mellow Yellow Monday, Blue Monday

  1. Sayang naman pala ang park sa inyo =( some people talaga ay iresponsible. Dito naman parang nature na nila nilisin ang sariling at meron din taga linis at the same time kaya naman well maintained halos lahat ng public parks dito.

    YOur princess so pretty =)

  2. Artistahin ang anak mo Mami, so pretty.

    You can find mine here, have a blessed weekend!

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