Most Visited Places in Bohol

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If you are planning to visit Bohol, here are some of the places which you might want to visit. These are the usual places visited by the tourists and also the locals 🙂

Chocolate Hills

These are hills which look like chocolates especially after a rain or a shower. If you want to take a look on these mound-shaped hills, you may go to Chocolate Hills Complex or Sagbayan Peak.

Bohol’s Man-made Forest

Though this is not the main attraction of Bohol, most tourist who will visit the Chocolate Hills will pass by the two-kilometer stretched man-made mahogany forest. You will notice  a sudden change in temperature once you entered the area.

Loboc River
Loboc River is one of the major destinations of the tourists here in Bohol. Most of the tourists would try the floating restaurant. Each floating restaurant serves a different set of cuisine so you man choose the restaurant you want to board into depends on the cuisine you prefer. The prices ranges from Php350 to Php450.

E.A.T. Danao
If you are the adventurous type, then E.A.T Danao is for you. This eco-adventure tourism park is the farthest place I’ve gone so far. If you are serious to try most if not all the activities, you need at least one day. You can check their site for the different packages they offer.

Panglao White Beach Resorts
After a whole day of country tour, a dip in a warm sea water is refreshing. Panglao beach resorts are the waiting for you. You can choose from several beach resorts based on your budget and preferences. Don’t worry about the white sand because Panglao shoreline is covered with white fine sand.

Most tourists opt to stay in one of the resorts in ALONA KEW. This area is the little Boracay here in Panglao and the busiest even during the night.

If you have the budget and prefer a more private place, you might want to choose from Bohol Beach Club, Eskaya Beach Resort & Spa & Dumaluan Beach Resort. While Bohol Beach Club and Dumaluan Beach Resort may accept walk-in guests, Eskaya may not. A reservation must be presented to the guards in duty before they allowed you to enter the vicinity.

You may also want to try the newly opened Panglao Blue Water Resort. You might be surprised of the prices but the place is really nice.

There are more beach resorts you can choose from here in Panglao. I might feature them one of these days if I have the time to visit them. There are also some more interesting things you might want to see when you visit Bohol. I will try to feature them next time.

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